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Advanced Outdoor First Aid

This course is designed for the Professional Outdoors / Remote Worker


It is also suitable for anyone who wishes to deliver Outdoor First Aid training as a First aid trainer and meets the requirements of the IOL Framework for Outdoor First Aid Professional Standards.

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Care
Up to 24 Hours From Help? These courses are designed especially for the outdoor person who may be away from immediate help for some time. It covers the requirements of all of the outdoor national governing body Instructor awards, making you advanced at the basics and skillful at techniques. Providing knowledge and developing relevant understanding, it builds upon previous knowledge enhancing casualty monitoring techniques and extending incident management skills. This course deals with relevant issues: Adult/child. Urban/remote. Single/team. Minutes/hours, and offers a proactive approach to incident management.


Do you wish to teach Outdoor First Aid?
All trainer/assessors of ITC SQA Outdoor First Aid in Scotland and ITC Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid in England and Wales, are required to hold this ITC certificate as part of their evidence of occupational competency.  IOL Professional Framework Standard 4.

Course Duration
2 full days

Experienced professional trainers with an active professional interest in Outdoor First Aid training. The trainers delivering this course will have a professional background in outdoor developmental work or be active practitioners in their own leisure time, with experience and commitment to working with groups in the outdoor environment. Many trainers of this course also have a 'hands on' casualty handling background; eg. paramedic, mountain/cave rescue or event First Aider.

  • Advanced at the basics
  • Managing incidents where help will not arrive for some hours.
  • A proactive approach rather than reactive approach to first aid.
  • The course uses 'advanced at first aid skills' concepts.
  • It considers using materials that the lay outdoor person will have access to.

Managing incidents safely
Proactively interpreting vital signs
Dealing with unconsciousness in hostile environments
Resuscitation adult/child urban/remote
Improvisation and managing injury and illness
Dealing with the environment
Scenario based outdoor training
Complex incident planning and triage

Interactive hands on practical training
Easy to follow yet comprehensive individual course booklet
Course can be tailored for mountain, snow, water or cavesport.
Convenient midweek or weekend courses
Certificate valid for 3 years

Course Cost
Course fees vary according to location, venue, etc.  Contact MWS directly to book a place.


Evaluations from a recent course: